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The architecture is made up of a large number of specific disciplines. We can not only take the design part, but we must take into account that other branches help to create a complete project. In general, the basis of the architectural design is to know what the use of the space is, but the aesthetic aspects also intervene. This means that it is not easy to typify architectural design in just some cathegories as this could be infinite: we can classify architectural design according to its use, according to its intention, its aesthetics, its technical aspects.

We do it all!
- architectural design,
- developments,

- project management,
- supervision.

- developments,
- infrastructure,

- 3D models /artist impressions, renderings,

- appraisals,
- drainage, studies and calculations,
- time schedules,
- cost calculations, budget estimates,
- written administrative and technical specifications,

- technical inspections,
- damage assessments, hurricane assessments.


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PREAM Architects
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